Friday, June 15, 2007


June 13~Wednesday~sunny.
So glad we waited for today to leave as it rained yesterday and we wouldn't have been able to see the awesome sights along Top of the World highway. The ferry crossing takes 15 minutes round trip so had to wait for a little over 2 hours to board as there were 11 RV's ahead of us...AND 17 behind us when we started up the road across the Yukon River from Dawson City. This highway climbs forEVer it seems, looking out over an expanse of trees, mountains, rivers and lakes. The Fortymile caribou herd, which had been very low in numbers, is now increasing and their river crossing area can be seen in the first few miles. The Alaska/Canadian border is also on this road...about 60 miles west of the Yukon...the crossing uneventful except to look in our cargo trailers. The road from here... not as good and slippery if wet...goes by~ a dredge, used for many years for digging up gold in the creeks, ~Jack Wade Junction (right to Eagle, left to the Alaska Highway, 15 miles east of Tok), and ~***BEAUTIFUL DOWNTOWN CHICKEN, AK*** (those words not accurately describing the little town). After Chicken a few miles the road is paved, with sightings of the Alaska range.
Tok...the last town in AK going 'out' or first coming 'in'...offers Fast Eddie's for your dining pleasure...a very good place to eat, a salmon bake, motels, camping and groceries, gift shops, and fuel. All a very small town...4 hours from Fairbanks or 3 hours from Glenallen.
We've stayed at the Golden Bear RV campground before and decided to try a different one, Sourdough RV Campground about 1 1/2 miles on the Tok Cutoff Road...a nice quiet place, altho supplies of TT were limited. They also have a singing and comedy act we have heard is very good, but were too tired to attend. Cost: $17 for dry camping and $28 for hook-ups.

June 14~Thursday~sunny. After Stan had his coffee and washed a few chunks off their tin tent we head out on the Tok Cutoff toward Glenallen...beautiful country (haven't seen any unbeautiful yet!). Saw a cow moose browsing in the water on bottom of a pond, right after both Blooie and I asked where they of Mount Sanford and Drum amoung others. We had fueled in Tok so didn't stop in Glenallen except for ice and at one gift shop. On to Palmer with awesome mountains and glaciers (Nelchina and Matanuska) to be seen! There were a couple of construction places, one with our nephew David, on Hicks Creek where they are widening the road thru a mountain, but, on the whole, we found the road much better than when we left in late August last year...some frost heaves, but nothing like the road between the AK border and Haines Jct. around Kluane Lake in Canada. Stopped at the Musk Ox Farm outside of Palmer...quiviet from the underhairs of the musk ox, very expensive, but 8 times warmer than wool and Native women make yarn and hats, head bands and scarves for their income.
Arrived at Jeff and Janell's about 6pm...had a wonderful visit, drinking part of the wine we had brought up for them (will have to bring more) and finally went to bed about midnight, still very light, watching for the mama moose with the twins.

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