Sunday, June 3, 2007

One~Two~Three...FOURTH DAY & we are gone!

Yup...that would be on Wednesday. We have no specific time-frame as far as how far we travel in a day...just depends on weather, campgrounds, how we all feel...BUT, it will be fun!
I mentioned before that we were having trouble with the back jacks and fridge. Well, the fridge is ok...must have been a vapor lock in the line because when we filled the propane bottles and reattached, it worked:-) The jacks tho were major...motors bound up and could not loosen them at all so they had to be replaced; HOWEVER, we have an extended warrenty and all we had to pay was the deductable...would have been $300 plus labor otherwise.
I very much recommend when you travel to have Good Sam on your side. No, not the U.S. Good Sam, but the Good Sam company offering everything from vehicle repair to money off at campgrounds to emergency help if in an accident or injured. Thank goodness we have not had to use them except for the campground part, but from all I've read in their Highway magazine and others, they are right 'johnny-on-the-spot' when needed.
So...most of the food-stuff has been loaded with one more trip to Costo and a couple to the grocery store for forgotten things. I'm not much of a menu maker so this is a brain workout to plan ahead a little. As my niece has frequently said when with me..."skipping...skipping...skipping" reference to my grey matter:-) I admit, it's true.
Our cargo trailer still needs to be loaded and am hoping a plan is in the works and not just in the...skipping...skipping...skipping...stage. That would be my husband's grey matter this time. We will be taking our four wheeler again...just so much fun to ride, and a lot easier than taking the truck down the road .8 of a mile to use my cell and pocketmail~something that is nice to have to keep in touch via e-mail by phone. If interested, go to and check it out. We did have to get 'an Alaskan phone' which is CellOne since our Verison isn't (YET?) in our area.
Will try for photos before we leave, but had had trouble with the wireless card and have had to deal with that. Just downloaded the Kodak program, so in my s-p-a-r-e time I'll work on the picture part.


The Parson's Wife said...

Oh so exciting...just added you to my reader, and I will keep updated with your fun and exciting trip...also will check out are such a techi!

I just can't imagine your trip planning, and I so adore your adventure.

Praying for safe travels, and that Good Sam be showered with angels to help you along the way. Tell Jack hello and that we pray that you both enjoy the route and the company, and may God reveal Himself in the wonderous creation of His.

So much love to you! Shawn <><

Chrysa said...

Must remember to check the comments! Thanks for the are the one who inspired me!
Have really planned the trip...just kinda yesterday...but protected by His almighty hand!
Love to you, too, my Friend!<><