Tuesday, June 26, 2007


June 25 ~ Monday ~ cloudy with patches of sun.
David is renting a really neat log cabin...just like we would like...16X24...talked to the landlord/cabin construction guy last night after arriving. The cost for a shell is $30,000...a bit steep, I'm thinking. Last year we talked to a guy in Talkeetna and he quoted us about $16,000 for a 'stick-frame', just don't know if he's still around as his business site is for sale. ANYWAY, had a good visit with David who isn't really feeling very well today (hmmm...am wondering if it's our influence as to why people don't feel well the day after we arrrive...), but did fix him breakfast after he'd been up and at work several hours. He also said***now get this!***that he'd arrange for me to pull the trigger for a blast on the mountain for the road construction...WOW! I am soooo excited! But will have to wait until the next visit as we will be...not going to Talkeetna...but going down on the Kenai to Ninilchik for the rodeo this weekend and to stay with Dave's family until next week sometime. His two younger girls will represent Alaska in the high school rodeo finals in Illinois the end of July...pretty cool for them...and us!
Caught up on the journeling, enhancing and transferring pictures. It takes a l-o-o-o-n-n-n-g time to go thru 700 pictures. Burned some to CD's for Stan and Blooie, mailing tomorrow to be waiting for them when they arrive home early next week...and printing some pictures for a friend in Whitefish who doesn't have access to a computer. And...Dave told us to watch for grizzlies...just in case...

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