Sunday, June 24, 2007


June 21 ~ Thursday, Summer Solstice ~ the longest daylight of the year & it's sunny!
Left Jeff and Janell's at Palmer by 6:10am to beat the traffic thru Anchorage, stopping to fuel ($2.85/gal) and continuing along Turnagain Arm and Cook Inlet. Really really would like to see a bore tide (an abrupt rise of tidal water just after low tide, moving rapidly landward, formed by a flood tide surging into a constricted inlet~Milepost~that may reach as high as 6 feet...maybe what happened last Saturday in Prince William Sound)...and watching for beluga whales (someday!), but none today. The Seward highway is beautiful...good road...shockingly green foliage (a lot of rain here), glaciers, lakes, rivers, mountains. Arrived in Seward at 10:25am, checking in at Miller's Landing...a nice sounding name, but an expensive campground ($35, electric hookups only) with not so nice restrooms/showers/laundry...having made reservations since we aren't the only ones on the road this year. Unhooked S/B's p/u to see the town and get our bearings...and came back with $25 jackets... water resistant, reversable to fleece and warm...just what is needed in a moist windy environment. Stan is making plans to go fishing with Steve and his in-law's family an open, 19 foot boat, 35 miles out, so will pray that goes well...and will again have the coffee lights on early in the morning. Was planning on staying up until midnight to take pictures, BUT we are too far sun and cloudy...Z-Z-Z-Z...

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