Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15, 2009 ~ Saturday
It's raining...we are damp...we are at a campground in Talkeetna...we are hooked up to electric...we are charging batteries that were low...we are drying out...we are happy. We are also right by the RR and the airport so can see the bus/train transfers and small planes and helicopters taking off/landing. Talkeetna is the 'jumping off place' for climbing Denali and for the air/boat tours of 'the mountain' and area. This past Monday we met some friends from MT who we haven't seen in 13 years. They had a few hours layover before flying out that night after a cruise up the inside passage. It's soooo cool to see/meet people up here, help them with their sight-seeing...and even give them some fresh picked Alaskan blueberries! Tomorrow we'll be seeing friends who live in Palmer and in a few days go to their house for salmon and halibut just caught in Kodiak a week ago! I'll be picking more blueberries (reminds me of huckleberries...a party in your mouth!) this next week, either in the wet and rain or with the mosquitoes and little black flies. OK...I'm going to have to bite the bullet and walk in the rain to "beautiful downtown Talkeetna". It's a must...

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