Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009 ~ Wednesday
Outside of Ninilchik at our nephew's place...raining this morning, BUT the sunset last evening was awesome! Deep orange with lighter purple...and earlier we could see all three volcanoes, called AIR for Mt. Augustine (usually can't see from this beach), Mt. Illiama, and Mt. Redoubt (spewing smoke...the one that has erupted a few times this year). No pictures...forgot the camera and, besides, the light was so soft everything would have blended. A cow moose with twins has been hanging around, but, of course, where I am no wildlife is usually found. She was probably munching outside my window during the night while I was blissfully sleeping... As far as halibut fishing...already done! Our niece was working on a fishing charter all summer and we can get however much we would like to have from her stash...which means we won't be able to hear Jack talk about chickens or monkeys this year. OK...explanation: with pain meds and sleeping meds a patch for motion sickness brings out the best in him...

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