Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009 ~ Saturday any given moment. One day Cindy and I were at the beach with sun, came home and it had poured, BUT there have been beautiful sunsets and great views of the inlet and AIR. Cindy and I have been to Homer...the Spit...Soldotna...Kenai~playing tourist, shopping, eating and rolfing.
OK...look a little closer at that last word...ROLFING. It's the deep massaging of our integrated connective tissue which relaxes the muscles, ligaments, tendons; thereby, making everything fall into place...better alignment!. It's WONDERFUL!
While on the Spit we saw paintings of wooden boats at old Ninilchik Village...ones neither one of us have seen before, BUT I went hunting today and found them...hidden in the pootschki right by the old noosnick.
On~to Talkeetna in a day or two...checking mail for the last time and finding out if any of my 'wares' have sold.

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