Friday, August 21, 2009

August 21, 2009 ~ Friday
We had a wonderful relaxing time this week...part of it was in the camper because of the rain, but when those clouds go away and the sun shines between the trees it's just wonderful...sparkling off the rain drops on the fireweed petals, or what's left of the flowers. Yup...that time of year. The Natives say when the last bloom is done it'll be 6 weeks until the first snowfall. Some are still blooming, but all that have bloomed have gone to seed...just like the cottonwood seeds flying around, except these are longer, catching in everything...screen doors, clothes, eyelashes, hair, socks, food (and with the little black bugs makes for a good meal!)... Also, picked some more blueberries and they are on their way to Vancouver, a coffee can...wrapped with duct tape. Duct tape and blue tarps...the AK way. Jack was logging...cut down a dead spruce by the road this week...and put up our address number close to the road. I'd post pictures, but I see I don't have any...probably due to the fact that I burned DVD's yesterday and didn't realize I was transferring them...that's the pits! Denali~The Mountain~yesterday and today was the clearest I've ever smoke or clouds, so, of course, I took more pictures while picking berries and then on the way into Talkeetna today. We're in Palmer now, having shopped in Wasilla and are headed to good friends for the weekend. Next week, Monday or Tuesday ~ the Kenai...

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