Monday, August 10, 2009

August 9, 2009 ~ Sunday
The C-PAP came in the mail on Friday…now no more snoring, BUT maybe that would have been better the last two nights because I’ve had really weird dreams…ugly ones, in fact. After returning home on Friday I picked blueberries with the mosquitoes…and there are many more, of both. Next time…a mosquito jacket from Freddy’s. Saturday was a beautiful day! High wispy clouds…just sat by the fire with the little black flies (can feel them stomping on my head, in the hair)… reading ‘A Land Gone Lonesome’ by Dan O’Neill…a VERY GOOD book about the author canoe-ing down the Yukon River from Dawson City to Circle City, siting important places and true stories of how the trappers, natives and people/organizations have lived and ‘shaped the land’…organizing maps/receipts…and eating crackers/cheese and sipping WINE. Just really roughing it… Tomorrow we’ll head into Wasilla, do laundry, etc. and meet with our friends fresh off a cruise ship. They’ll be flying out in the evening, but hopefully will be able to see Denali from the Anchorage area. Today started out rainy…and looks to continue…so will probably read and go thru brochures again, taking out exactly what I want to keep.

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