Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009 ~ Monday
Found my camera…just beautiful on Saturday morning as we drove to the berry picking hill Jeff had found last year… According to another berry book, there are several different types of blueberries in AK, these the low- bush with the hillside cushion-y enough to sit (or in my case, roll since I miscalculated the level of the hill) to get those little-r than the Talkeetna berries, WHICH DID turn out to be what we have in MT…HUCKLEBERRIES. My sister will be kinda surprised when she receives those…she’d asked me to send the low bush, I’m sure! While on the hillside Jeff received a call from a truck farm who had asked him to dispose of a cow moose, with Fish and Game approval, that had been munching on over $1000 worth of vegetables a day…that she and her two 2 year old calves were again in the cabbage patch. So, in the evening Jeff ‘made like a cabbage’ and just as he was about to give up cabbage control for the night the moose appeared about 20 feet away. The steak we had for breakfast on Sunday was fork tender and tasted wonderful…as will be the ribs BBQ’ed tonight! Sunday was Janell’s and my day…going to Anchorage to do whatever we wanted~going to the open air market, talking, relaxing, shopping…at a book store, my downfall always. Tuesday the plan is traveling down to Ninilchik on the Kenai for 2-3 days…MAYBE going halibut fishing, although doubtful.

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