Sunday, October 21, 2007


Sunday ~ October 21, 2007
FINALLY *seeing...or rather feeling...the results of swimming every day! Just feel good...makes a wonderful beginning to the day with time for reflection, prayer, planning...AND my clothes fit a little better. Just so very glad we have this facility here...and to think I'd never 'join a gym'! *NEVER SAY NEVER*
WOW! I am done filling out VA papers...and it was soooo simple! Having been told the paperwork was quite thick I didn't look at it right months! Now that one of us is starting medicare in December I thought I'd take a crack at it. Might as well apply for everything the guy is entitled to...especially if it means a reduction in the amount of supplement we have to pay.
Am still scrapbooking our Alaska trip. I took way too many pictures...and the majority are pretty good so hate to throw any away...hence...two, so far, albums. Well, they hold only 200 each!!! And from here on it will be tougher because of the 'haul road' photos and the fall colours. At least, the space is contained so it would be a fast clean-up if the room is to be used.
It's getting colder...snow on Big Mountain and the surrounding hillsides...tamaracks are now way into turning...frost on the window at 4:45am...don't think I'll have to mow again this year...CARAMEL APPLE CANDY CORN...that crisp smell in the air...almost the end of the church year during which the Reformation, All Saint's Day and Thanksgiving are celebrated. God has again kept me safe in His arms...close to His heart

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