Thursday, October 4, 2007


Thursday ~ October 4
Camper...cleaned, unloaded, winterized.
Trailer...not all unloaded.
Church...good to be back! and playing the clavinova again. Also, making a banner for Sunday when we start our synod's program, ABLAZE!, an on-going program to bring Christ, by God's Grace, to those who do not know Him. "How will they know Him if they are not told"..."Were not our hearts burning within us...talking to us about heavenly things"...How can we not spread the good news of Christ cruisified...and of His resurrection!
Oreo, the resident a mom with five fuzzy, fist-sized cute, BUT so prolific...hoping to find homes. Anybody?????
Swimming...every weekday morning at 5am...weekends at 7am.
Work...on the sub-list for crossing guard and lunch aide. No calls yet. Also, getting Kelly's paper work in order to apply for Medicaid and SSDI.
Photo albums...only half done, but working most every day while listening on the net to an Anchorage radio station in the morning.
Not liking the lengthening darkness, BUT only less than 3 months until it starts getting lighter!!! Must remember that the stars and moon in the darkness are God's creation...and also giving God glory by their light...and are viewed by friends many miles away.

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