Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sunday ~ October 7
Wonder why it's called termination snow when it's the first snow of the season???
The fall colors are awesome here now...and, I think, a bit later than usual...maybe because of the hot dry summer...OR... a warmer winter???
As far as a killing places, but not in others as flowers are still blooming in different locations. There is a health foods store in town that always has awesome hanging flowers ourtisde that would rival any in Alaska! And, NO, I haven't gotten the flowers/plants in the yard cut yet and might not either this fall. Kinda nice, actually, to see what colors those leaves will be...but will hate it in the spring when the new little green shoots come up and I'll have to be careful not to cut them.
The sub list for crossing guard and lunch aide now officially has my name posted...and have heard lunch probably will be needing someone for a while, but have not been called yet. It's been really nice not having to think about work and plan around it, but the extra money will come in handy, too, so will be taking my phone in with me to The Wave at 5am just in case a call comes in.
I did get the banner for church done this week...and it's still on the wall! I always have visions of it falling...on the candles...when burning...during service. That would cause a bit of a commotion maybe.
This week will be busy with (hopefully) changing doctors, getting charts, council meeting at church, ABLAZE! Bible study, bulletin, practice...along with the usual everyday 'house stuff', but I need not feel overwhelmed as God is with me in every step I take...that's His promise. What an Aweseome God we have!

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