Thursday, October 18, 2007


October 18, 2007 ~ Thursday
ABLAZE! Bible study...50 days of devotions...WOW! Sooo good and really 'hitting home'! The first week was on learning...we have to learn God's Word to reach others. That makes sense...can't teach something that you don't know, BUT we need to remember, too, that WE have to KEEP learning more and more by studying God's Word diligently...every day. The second week...this about prayer. Think about it...usually what we pray for is what we need (read: WANT). Praying for something that might help us, but will hurt someone else is not a prayer God recognizes. The prayer that God wants us to pray is one that, first of all, praises Him as our glorious King...second, that we repent...third, that we ask...and fourth, that we yield to His will. Let's see...Praise, Repent, Ask, Yield...PRAY!!! And in so doing, we are still, knowing that He is God... which, in turn, gives us peace, comfort, joy, blessings.
One of my prayers this week is for a very good friend...who just had surgery, after loosing a bunch of weight, to remove excess skin and tissue...14 pounds of excess so far...and will have more gone after a second surgery early next year. She is looking great, even the day after...and I will continue to pray for her for no complications and total healing.
Today is no school...tomorrow,, medicare, medicaid, SSDI beware! After today I'll learn and know more than I ever will need to know...I hope!

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