Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009 ~ Tuesday
DAY AFTER TOMORROW...LEAVING FOR THE NORTH!!! We have reservations at Liard Hot Springs, BC (3 hours south of the Yukon border) for Sunday and Monday nights. The p/u has been 'overhauled' (air bag fixed, tires rotated and oil changed) and the camper was in at the RV 'overhaul place' today for a burned out ("it was toast" according to the serviceman) Happy Jack jack (at least the third time in three years...business is no longer...wonder why!), a new rocker switch for the slide-out, and a 'new' cord for the p/u lights (running over it and stripping it isn't a good idea). So...tomorrow is pack day...before a foot appointment in the late afternoon...then leaving on Thursday after a hand appointment...both for cortisone injections.


Shawn said...

I am tickled pink for you! have a blast!

Chrysa said...

HEY! I miss you on your blog...how is everything? We WILL have a good time...I'm not even thinking of the $$$!!!