Thursday, July 23, 2009

July 23, 2009 ~ Thursday
The sunset last night was totally AWESOME...deep pinks...oranges...every color of 10:30! Got up this morning expecting to go to a Tlingit Native Heritage celebration for a bit before heaing to Whitehorse and Kluane Lake, BUT what was suppose to start at 10am wasn't even set up yet and there were maybe 10 people walking left. Tonight we are staying on the shores of Kluane Lake at Cottonwood RV campground...a beautiful 'park' even tho it's very windy and the waves are lapping the shoreline about 25 feet away. Tomorrow, the border, AFTER traveling a road full of frost heaves...I'm talking maybe 30 mph in places. We've heard from those going south that it's very rough, BUT...we've heard that before and it's usually from the BIG rigs guys...the bus RVs...who go slow on almost all roads.

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