Friday, July 31, 2009

July 31, 2009 ~ Friday
Fireweed...the aftermath of a fire...whole mountainsides ABLAZE with deep pink flowers...and with every turn of the road even more vibrant. That's what we saw following the excavator load up the Steese highway on Wednesday...that and miles and miles of trees/mountains in the distance. Well, that is, AFTER mile 60 about because before that the trees along the road were too it's pavement and no sight vs. gravel and beauty. Going up was slow...coming back, faster. There are...COUNT THEM...only three spots to stop for 'resting' and when you're in a pilot vehicle you DON'T stop unless the one pulling the load does. He didn't...until he arrived at mile 114, his destination.
I saw three moose that day...two bulls, one cow...all in beautiful shape...and HUGE!
Yesterday Jim and Jack went east 5 hours to pick up a rock truck, piloting on the way back to Fairbanks. I took the p/u/camper into Fairbanks and refreshed everything...did laundry...shopped a little.
Today ???? Still smoky...

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