Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27, 2009 ~ Monday
I am sooo torn! Wanting to leave for our property, BUT the Air Force bases in AK are having war games starting tomorrow and this would be an awesome place to watch! I imagine tho that they’ll be flying where we’d be driving, too…
There are 450 fires in AK that have burned 5 million acres already! We just came from north of Fairbanks and it’s quite smoky there and is now rolling into the North Pole area.
My downfall…books. I have well over 300 books at home, the majority relating to the north…and today added more. Now, when I go into a book store I have to look at the copywrite date since I can’t remember which I own.
Iceroad Truckers…the tv show. My brother-in-law and two sons have driven that road many times and know most of those men. In fact, the youngest son’s wife is the daughter of one who was killed in 2007. His mangled truck is at the beginning of the show. My brother-in-law has ‘an escort service’ for these drivers…driving pilot truck for many of them over ‘the haul road’.
When we do leave for our property, there will be 5-6 days where I can’t add to the blog as we don’t have service…or electricity…or water. BUT we do have bear… Today we bought 20 bullets for the 44 magnum…and tomorrow we’ll find more. There’s a shortage here, too…people buying and hording because of what the administration is proposing…

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