Friday, July 24, 2009

Went to sleep after 10:30 last night...still w-a-y light...and woke at 4:30 with it being w-a-y light. One of my favorite things about the north in the summer months! We traveled about 300 miles today with the road in fairly good shape except for some frost heaves and breakup from perma-frost. We'd heard "the road was horrible", but found it much better than several years ago with new seal-coat over many miles. Probably the bigger RVs are not happy with it...AND the little old lady that was driving a car going about 10 mph looking scared to death. Had to wait about 20 minutes at the border and had no trouble crossing when our turn...asked only about fruit, vegetables, guns, ammo, and animals...told us, "Welcome back!" and let us go on our way. Homer, on the other hand, got lost at the border and we had to turn him off. We are in Tok, AK at the Sourdough Campground...nicely wooded with everything a person would want...including a breeze to keep creatures at bay. The little buggers at Liard bit...and the results of those bites appeared two-three days later. I need a back scratcher!!!

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