Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 19, 2009~Sunday We’re headed north! On Thursday (16th) we pointed our p/u and camper north on 93, staying in Kootenay Nat. Parks Redstreak Provincial Park just outside of Radium, BC…a nice quiet place with trees and grassy areas. Redstreak mountain is the source of the minieral springs at Radium (not enough radioactive elements to harm or be of good to anyone…except for the good feelings of hot soaks!) Friday morning we drove the Windemere-Banff Highway (93) to Castle Jct., then headed up the Icefields Parkway and over east to Hinton, then hit the Bighorn Hwy. We missed Gregg Lake Campground where we’ve stayed a couple times so backtracked only to find out most of it was closed because of an improved water system that didn’t work. The lady told us there MIGHT be a spot or two at Cache Creek…or…Halfway…or… Graveyard Lake campgrounds, on a gravel road, the farthest only less than 3 miles (well, she was talking Canadian,eh?…kilometers…so that’s an estimate). We did find room…and others found more room…and more room (one big party)…at Graveyard Lake, a grassy area having about 10 campsites with 17 vehicles, but a pleasant stay as was breezy with no bugs OR bears, as was posted. And no big party. Saturday we drove to Grande Cashe, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John (free wi-fi at the visitor centre), then onto Skianni Chief Campground on the Skianni River, 150 miles from the start of the Alaska Hwy in Dawson Creek. The weather has been sunny…until last night when it started to PLUNK PLUNK PLUNK…the sound of rain in a camper, actually a very relaxing sound. Today we are on our way to Liard Hot Springs for two or three nights. We’ll see what Fort Nelson has to offer in way of the net to post this.

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