Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 20, 2009 ~ Monday Happy Birthday, Lyndy!!! So…did not find a good source for plugging in at Fort Nelson… We arrived at Liard Hot Springs, having made reservations before starting…and found they overlooked us AND a 23 rig caravan has made emergency reservations because the lodge across the road has closed unexpectedly, BUT they very nicely ask us to wait saying they WILL find us a site…and they did. #40…beautiful, as usual and a bit more secluded than the sites we’ve been in before. That’s good since we have to run the p/u and generator to recharge C-PAP batteries everyday. The drive from Sikanni Chief Campground is about 350 miles and the road is narrow in places and curvy so the going is slow at times, but always awesome! We saw Bullwinkle and a cow moose and also a black bear. My understanding, from the people who are headed south, is that there is more wild life to be seen farther north…bear, moose, wood bison are ‘out’. So far, we’ve been to the springs twice and will go a couple more times today…planning on leaving Wednesday morning with many mosquito pelts…I’m sure enough for a warm winter coat. It’s hard to skin those little things… We’ve met, again, many interesting people. Three were biking down from AK together…one from Prudhoe Bay and another couple from Anchorage…friends who did not know the others were on their way and just happened to meet up along the road. They average 50-75 miles/day. Another couple had just been to Canyon Ferry, MT! The weather has been super nice with only sprinkles now and then, clouds or sun.

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