Saturday, September 29, 2007


September 29 ~ Saturday
Two weeks since we've been home...hard to believe so long, but so short, a time. This week the camper inside became clean again...the sleeping bags and bedding were laundered...fireweed cut (still have more plants to cut ~ even two trees in the front~ and bunny tunnel dirt to dispose of)...and paper work started for Kelly for SSI and Medicaid (my main goal this winter: to help her obtain the help that she needs).
The house...a pathway exsists between camping stuff hauled inside...things hastily plopped wherEVer, but this weekend I'm hoping to have all stashed away in their respective homes. HOWEVER, I did get the main rooms cleaned before our small block party last night...made beans in a new Dutch oven (yum!), BBQ pork ribs, salads and one of the neighbors brought fresh tomatoes and potatoes out of their garden.
Getting back into the swing of church activities also. The bulletin and calendar are 'hot off the press' and the ingredients for smoothies are chilling for our breakfast brunch tomorrow...the 'kick-off' for ABLAZE!, an evangelitic program to light a fire in our hearts for spreading the gospel of Christ, our only Source of salvation. In Matthew the Bible tells us to "go and preach the gospel to every nation". How will they hear if Christians don't tell them!
Hoping to start a wall hanging on Monday...better get started on the above then...

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