Sunday, September 2, 2007


September 1 ~ Saturday ~ Pouring rain to partly cloudy.
The rain came down 'in buckets' this morning after I came in to let the 'weiners' out of their little houses. Actually, it started 'in buckets' and proceeded to barrels...for about an hour and a half, then sprinkled most of the morning, so took the umbrella to the fair and even decided to wear shoes, remembering how mud and Crocs don't mix. HIGH NOON ~ the start of the 4-H livestock auction. It's fun to watch how the bidding proceeds...not to mention the auctioneer's antics! Some really get into what they are doing! One is a policeman in Anchorage and also the head councelor for the 4-H...told how he works with troubled youth and these youth are outstanding members of society with their work ethics and disipline. Tera's steer sold for the unheard price of $7.25/pound! Bought by an equipment dealer, CMI, who sells to AIC, David's employer. Later, Cindy and I spent time together cruising the fair while Jack and David celebrated the sale. Today was e.l.e.p.h.a.n.t e.a.r (I'm sticking with the funnel cakes next time) and gyro (good, but I've had better)-eating time. Found some really neat journals and photo albums, all made out of natural fibers...the sale helps support schools being built in foreign countries. Now to find a place to store them while driving back to the states. Finally found David and Jack at the car races, still celebrating. The Weiners were soooo glad when we returned!

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