Monday, September 10, 2007


September 6 ~ Thursday ~ cloudy.
When we arrived yesterday at our land we discovered Chris had started the building of his 20 X 14 guest cabin...Zach is doing the carpentry, with Mark helping... looks really nice. The door is in the middle of the long side and we really like the look, plus, I’m thinking, there is more room for ‘arrangement’. This one will have two bunk beds against the back wall with the bottom bunk full to the left of the door...eating area to the right...and there still could be a small ‘bathroom’ in one corner. Mark later came over for dinner...the last time we’ll see him for quite a while. The little black flies were back ...yup, we had started a fire. Didn’t miss those pesky little things at Jeff’s/Janell’s. After Mark left Jack made sure things would ride well in the trailer while I stashed things away in the camper. After three months things accumulate in places where they aren’t suppose to be.
A light rain during the night...a dreary more ways than one.
Jack started our last fire...but I stayed in the camper...didn’t want little feet walking around in my hair...but he had company since Kim visited for a bit.

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