Tuesday, September 4, 2007


September 4 ~ Tuesday ~ partly cloudy.
Let the dogs out early this morning...no moose to be found...while doing laundry and getting ready to leave to do a bit of shopping before picking Janell, Tanner and Chandler up at the airport in the afternoon. Stopped at two quilt shops...and *FINALLY* selected several prints I had not seen before...Alaska/cabin style...and a couple others for a special project I'm planning. Even tho I started over 5 hours before the plane's ETA I was a bit rushed in the end. IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO DECIDE ON COLOURS, ETC.! Mom would be so proud of me! Not only did Griz have an exciting time while Adams were gone...so did they...Janell hitting a table with her knee...Tanner dislocating his finger playing football...and Chandler, whose head was hit with the back jeep door while loading the luggage for the ride home, BUT they did have a good time in WA in spite of all the bumps and bruises. AND, apparently, this had not been the first time either weiner had had a run-in with a moose...

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