Monday, September 10, 2007


September 9 ~ Sunday ~ rainy.
Jack and Jim went to breakfast with a friend of Jim’s...and JoAnn and I went to breakfast by ourselves. After noon Jack and I went to Fairbanks for laundry and a little shopping, getting water, etc., then headed back to Jim’s to try to transfer the trucking video to a DVD...WHICH DID NOT WORK WELL AT ALL...but at least I have a few spots in the DVD where we can see just how the trucks were hauling those loads. There is also a frame of a couple caribou tipping their heads to the side to get their antlers under the pipeline...obviously, that has not bothered the wildlife in the negative. In fact, they will eat the grass under...and over the buried...pipe and Jim has even seen Dall sheep standing ON the pipe! Had a nice visit with Todd, both last night and tonight...and also saw Ben a couple times. These guys and the truckers can really ‘tell’ a lot of stories about their experiences...including being locked out of the truck in -20 degree weather with just shorts and slippers, having to wake another trucker for tools to get into the truck thru the tool box, crawl thru and push up on the sleeper bed...AND IN THE PROCESS LOSING SLIPPERS AND SHORTS...and the other trucker relaying this information to a cafe-full of their peers the next day.

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