Tuesday, September 4, 2007


September 3 ~ Labor Day Monday ~ sunny!
Adams’ DO have a resident moose...and... being the *self-proclaimed* protectors they think they are, one of the resident weiners decided to chase the young cow. Trouble is...the young cow decided to chase back and the “yips” turned into big whines as the moose kicked out at Griz. Couldn’t see anything wrong altho he was wet and cold, so think only a little shock-y...watched him all morning and he seemed to be ok...just hoping there are no internal injuries. Later morning he went out with me and jumped into the camper to see Jack...a relief to say the least!
Afternoon saw me at the fair again...seeing Cindy, Lindsay and Tera for the last time this year...and making the rounds for any ‘specials’ on the last day. Even found some! More raffles, too...but...no calls during the evening to confirm we had won anything, sad to say.
Griz was fine after his ordeal, even ‘breaking’ into the bran muffin zip lock and eating one...maybe should leave the door open for him tonight! These little guys have such personalities! Aside from loving carrots from the garden, they, (especially Rebel) love snuggling under their blanket, turning and tunneling, making sure it’s all the way around them. I’m thinking I’m going to miss them, too...

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