Saturday, September 15, 2007


September 15 ~ Saturday ~ sun a-l-l the way from North Pole!
Hardly a cloud in the sky all 6 days on the road...have NEVER seen that in all of our 7 trips north. From Cashe Creek to Whitefish is about 11 hours driving time...a bit slower driving with a trailer. From north of Cashe Creek to the Shuswap Lake area the sagebrush is starting to bloom with yellow flowers...and from the Shuswap to Golden there are white and blue flowers along the roadside. Am wondering how the ginseng crops are fairing around Kamloops...all are normally covered whether to prevent sun damage...or bird damage...with a black mesh material, but most of the fields we see have weeds all the way through under the coverings.
In Radium Hot Springs people have turned out to wave as we go by, even are taking pictures! Seemed like there was a lot of older cars driving with us...all shiny and spiffed up. Kinda felt bad that we hadn't washed the p/u in a while...lots of bug splatters and not shiny OR spiffy. That'll teach us to wash the dirt off more often...and if that doesn't, then customs might! The border crossing was no hassle, but the guard did mention that if an agricultural agent had been around we may have had to retrace our 'steps' to Cranbrook (over an hour away) and power wash the whole outfit due to hoof and mouth, etc. that possibly may be in the soil, before stepping wheel on U.S. ground. That's a first for us! Usually it' just never know! Anyway, God had led us safely back to our Whitefish hard to leave both happy to return to both!

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