Monday, September 10, 2007


September 8 ~ Saturday ~ cloudy.
Slept in a little today...then traveled with JoAnn to Fairbanks for a bit of shopping at ‘The Material Girls’...a new fabric/quilting shop. Yeah, I did find some material to buy...and another pattern...and quilting magazines on embellishment sewing (remember the “machine that can’t sew my pants” that I bought at the Ninilchik fair?). Am anxious to try it out and experiment!
Had a very slow paced day...watched a mid-1980's video of Jim helping pull a couple huge heavy loads from Valdez to Prudhoe: one was two trucks pulling a truck with a HUGE module with a special low-boy trailer like a flatbed attached to a least 80 wheels...sometimes only 3 mph, the other a DC-10 with two trucks pulling and one pushing!!! Hoping to get a DVD of the video...(hint, hint)...SOON!

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