Thursday, September 13, 2007


September 12 ~ Wednesday ~ sunny all day!!!
Another wonderful day in the sun, driving down the Cassiar (Hwy 37), stopping at Meziadin Lake Provincial Park 98 miles north of the Yellowhead Highway 16...saw 4 black bears and a cow moose today, but they didn’t stick around for photos. Here the leaves have only started changing...the color of the day still being green. South of Iskut the colors really stood out with the spent fireweed and berry leaves a deep red and another...big...leaf a deep yellow. This is bear country...signs posted at the entrance to the campground and a warning in the Milepost. This can also be the living quarters of ‘the spirit bear’...a white black bear *not an albino*...habitat mostly to the SE of here, in the triangle NW of where the highways meet. The park is very pretty...on the lake...well kept (can see rake marks in unoccupied sites), as are all the provincial parks where we have stayed in British Colombia. Of course, no electricity, water, internet or phone...well, an internet phone that for $5 one can call anywhere in the world for 20 minutes, BUT... too late, the door was locked.

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