Monday, September 10, 2007


September 10 ~ Monday ~ cloudy to rainy.
Left Jim/JoAnn's a little before 8am on the way to Tok and Fast Eddy's, then on to the border with no problems crossing (we still have the burls!), arriving in Haines Jct. at 8pm and...WE FIND A CAMPGROUND OPEN! That's one of the problems of going to Alaska early or staying later...most campgrounds are closed. Being self-contained that presents no problem, but it's nice to be in an established place rather than at a roadside pull-out, which is frowned upon sometimes by those in authority.
The drive was beautiful with fall colors galore! Now the editing of the pictures will have to take my digital camera!!! Snap...delete...snap...keep...
There are more RV's/campers than us on the road...mostly from Alaska and Canada, but the crowd has very much thinned out from the lower 48.
Haven't decided yet which way we will go back...over the Alaska Highway or the Cassiar...then, which way from Dawson Creek or Prince George, either going round-about to Bozeman/Belgrade or straight to Whitefish. Guess we'll have to decide later tomorrow...

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