Sunday, September 2, 2007


September 2 ~ Sunday ~ partly cloudy/sunny.
"It is well with my soul..." He who knew me before the world was formed has given refreshment and renewal. St. John LCMS, Palmer and Lamb of God LCMS, Wasilla provided this refreshment through the Word and Sacrament. Both taught law and gospel...both were friendly. St. John has over 800 souls...Lamb of God has about 130...both were more or less traditional...Lutheran Worship and praise hymns...both have VERY talented pianists! A 'wrong turn' let me discover the churches...coincidence? I think...KNOW...not!
Went shopping a bit before heading back to Adams'...then rearranged/cleaned (just a little) the camper (had to find places for the items bought at the fair). Then sat with one weiner dog's nose behind my back while the other snoozed under Jack's legs, watching movies...

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