Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 16 ~ Monday ~ SUNNY!
Being lazy today...decided to relax a little AND clear/do wood when I want. Took a 4 wheeler ride late morning and Denali had NO clouds around it at all! Usually later morning clouds start forming, the mountain making it’s own weather. Words - or pictures for that matter - cannot describe the awesome beauty that is Mt. McKinley when it’s ‘out’. ***IT’S RIGHT THERE!***
Also, rode to Montana Creek to see the salmon. A few were all lined up to swim upstream, to spawn and then die...would really like to see a creek/river full with ‘red’ fish! AND...I want to see combat fishing...people standing within arm’s length of each other...sometimes fish when ‘the run is in’. It’s not usual to share the stream/river with bears, catching way more than their limit, not that it matters.
I’m thinking I’d like to burn our name/initials into these benches somehow. The tire iron was out of the question...didn’t even ask the question...but, we had left rebar here last year for marking our lot corners and that, heated up in the fire coals, has given one bench it’s own identity...and a split log it’s own uniqueness. The log is on the hill by our road...up and to the left when coming in.
Saw Denali again at 5:30pm when I did pocketmail...a couple little clouds about midway unusual day in that respect. While there our neighbor happened by and said there had been over 4000 people in town on Saturday and still today an extraordinary amount.
The Ostrich ferns are changing color now...from emerald green to a more yellow...which means summer is on the down swing. I’d really like to be here in April or May ~ first: to see/hear breakup...second: to experience more daylight longer.
The Grey Jay...a.k.a. Camprobbers...come by now and then for handouts...had one eating off my foot today ~ guess that would be a footout. They are gluttons and very selfish, trying to pick up all the bread pieces so no one else has a share.
Conserving water again. We made it 5 nights last week! We’re getting good at this! If I had a chance, I’d just stay here for as long as I could.


tasha said...

conserving water? does that mean you aren't showering? SICK!

Chrysa said...

Bird baths...we are clean...even heating extra water for my hair;-)