Saturday, July 14, 2007


July 11 ~ Wednesday ~ fairly sunny all day!

This sleeping in has got to stop...tomorrow!!! The daylight is wasting away, but we stay up late, too.
I love riding this 4-wheeler! Usually I only go a mile and a half to the swimming hole where I get a good signal for calls or pocketmail, but sometimes I go to the bridge to check out the fish...KINGS ARE IN!!! Trouble is...there’s no fishing from this creek site.
Jack is chopping wood and I’m clearing branches...and will be for quite a while. Jack usually takes a ride at least once or twice a day to visit Mark...or Chris...or Kim (road builder last year...gone for another week...OTHERWISE, we wouldn’t be sleeping in)...or whomEVer is around.
We are trying to conserve water...going for 5 days without filling, etc....a first, so we’ll see. We did keep all the water we had left when we went in on Monday and Jack heated up some so I could wash my hair...have been feeling creepy/crawly things moving around on my head. Probably the dreaded no-see-ums invading the territory.
A very small PLINK/boink in the evening, but enuf to get out my umbrella (just read about a lady who came to AK with an umbrell~people laughed at her, but stopped kept her dry...or in the shade...or when she used it for privacy at nature’s call or during dressing) while I sat by the fire doing soduko.
Jack has hurt his knee again. First time was a few years ago on our way to Dawson City...originally a RR things are slow going for him. Hoping rest will help it, but he has to remember to come out of the camper backwards...much easier...and it’s recommended to do it that way.

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