Saturday, July 14, 2007


July 8 ~ Sunday ~ cloudy, then... SUN!
A lazy, kinda sleep-in morning, then decide we should really get something. It’s been raining for a couple weeks off and on so all the foliage is still wet. Rain forest comes to mind~no bare spots, but all covered with white spruce and birch trees, Ostrich ferns (can be eaten), Devil’s Club ( careful where you squat..., huge leaves, grows in fertile soil, related to Ginseng), fireweed (jelly and honey), star flower (or dogwood) and brush.
Jack has been out on the 4-wheeler visiting friends we had met last year, about ½ mile from us...Mark and Chris. Chris has his cabin built now... really nice looking! Mark stayed the winter on Chris’s land, cleaning up the building materials, gathering wood and trying to survive the cold, but not much snow, winter. I tried to use pocketmail with the CellOne phone we had activated on Friday, but it only is in SOS mode...will have to remedy that tomorrow when we go into Talkeetna. Jack is over at our next door neighbor’s so I walked on over...and meet a very nice young couple, H.B. and Erin from Wasilla (civil engineer/2nd grade teacher) who are building (THEMSELVES) a 20X20 cabin(self-designed)...watching them pull a second wall up with their 4-wheeler (making both Erin and me quite nervous). They are building on skids...on cement ask all kinds of questions...materials for the shell (about $7500), outhouse (about $300 for 4X6 foot), no well (have to drill way over 200 feet at $36/foot and then not so good water), trail to the back of property (will share same one, zigzagging wherEVer it’s the easiest, going on their land and ours).
The evening is so peaceful and beautiful...sun is shining, slanting at a high altitude thru the trees even at 9:30pm, fire is blazingt in it’s very own fire-ring (Cabela’s for Christmas)...just sitting, sipping hot chocolate (ah...yes...with peppermint schnapps)...and enjoying the blessings God has given.

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the peppermint schanapps doesn't suprise me