Saturday, July 14, 2007


July 9 ~ Monday ~ cloudy/rain.
Really was hoping the sun would be here again today, but...
So... therefore, it’s another lazy- late- getting up morning, listening to the radio and drinking coffee, leaving for Sunshine Jct. (Parks Highway and Talkeetna Spur Rd. Jct.) where we do get the CellOne phone finally activated, buy gas for the 4-wheeler, and pick-up saw, pruner and little tables from storage...then on to Talkeetna, stopping at the campground (Wilma and Marv...where are you!) for water, etc. and making a reservation for Saturday night (we’re going to town!) so we can attend the Moose Dropping (poor mooses) festival this coming weekend. Kinda am missing the planes and activity of the campground...we spent a lot of time there last year...but really am perfectly content to be on our land for days at a time. Before heading home we picked up the mail (much easier to buy $8.95 post office first class boxes and have Kelly stuff with as much as possible, than to forward mail...WHICH TAKES WEEKS TO UNFORWARD WHEN YOU GET HOME!) ...and...because we HAVE to... we go to the Roadhouse for cinnamon rolls and bread.
A side trip~on X-Y Road~found it last year while looking for a lake...sign just before the bend in the road says “road ends in 50 feet”...tall trees everywhere...and after the bend ~ BARTLETT EARTH STATION sign with the hugest satellite dishes ever~kind of an unearthly feeling, but only an AT&T Communications location. Thought it might be another Roswell...
Back home...with the rain...we turn on the generator and plug everything in... to be charged while Jack watches a DVD about cast iron cookware and I print pictures and write the blog, hoping I can transfer from word perfect to the site. We are really ‘roughing it’ now!!!
Looks like an inside the camper-sort -of evening, but remembering it IS warm, cozy and dry...some people are not as fortunate. Jack did cut a bit of firewood today...and, hopefully, will work on more tomorrow ***IN THE SUN...maybe...***.

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