Sunday, July 22, 2007


July 21 ~ Saturday ~ sunny to partly cloudy.
Today is...Wasilla for~laundry, grocery shopping, replenishing the camper water AND dumping what we've used (6 days is pushing it a little, but we made it) and stay in 'our' place at Jeff's and Janell's.
Kinda upset with 'picture person' told me that the machine will make the 19 cent each digital prints and THEN when I was done with selecting and editing, etc. another person told me that the machine is broken and they can only make CD's...all that time wasted! Really wanted several of the pictures to use as postcards to send before we head back to Talkeetna tomorrow.
And...another peeve. My Verizon cell phone will not let me retrieve my voicemail. An Alaska company, ACS, gets on there and gives me messages...and then says my 'pin' number is not valid. What's with that!
Had a good visit with J/J and watched a movie with them...and now I 'get to' go thru all my e-mail before going to bed...IF I make it that long.

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