Saturday, July 14, 2007


July 10 ~ Tuesday ~ partly sunny/partly cloudy/partly rainy.
Kinda just depends...nice in the morning, then cloudy and rainy... a very nice, fairly heavy rain for a bit in the later evening...sounds so soothing in the camper...PLINK/boink, PLINK/boink...
Started clearing old branches of trees taken down last year, spiffying things up a bit. We haven’t done any trail clearing, but did wander over to our neighbors and looked at their outhouse...not inside since it’s locked, but had looked in on Sunday when they were there and we’re thinking of constructing ours the same way...oil drums welded together, cement floor, toilet from a hardware store and the piping, and either plywood or T-111. Walked back a little (very little) way on our land...wondering again***JUST WHERE IS THAT PROPERTY LINE! I’ve called a surveyor numerous times thruout the winter, but have never gotten a call must be booming for them. Maybe a blessing since H B told us it would cost about $3500...quite a bit of money!!! They ran a line from front corner to back corner this spring, shoe-snowing their way. Hope we can go from their line, but hard to know just from where to measure.
Mark came over to visit and with Jack’s inspiration made two 6 foot benches out of a log to sit by the fire. AND...I shot the pistol today...and hit the burn barrel***YES!***that’s where I was aiming!!! Just to let you know...the barrel isn’t as long as what you’ve probably been told...only 6 ½", but it really did seem longer when I first saw it. It IS heavy to shoot for any length of time, but doesn’t have the kick (magna-ported) I was worried about; hence, no marks on the face. Now I’m ready for anything...grizzly, moose...but have only seen a handful of birds and a shrew, maybe a squirrel or two. Squirrel plus Dutch oven you say....???

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