Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 19 ~ Thursday ~ sunny. we are visited by Kim, Chris, Gray Jays, woodpeckers and the dogs: Whitie and Blue-eyed Buddy (Kim’s) and Samantha (Mark’s)...and while pocket-mailing (FINALLY came in!) I listen to Sandhill Cranes by the swimming hole. Also, talked to Debbie, the first person I contacted after buying this land and the coordinator of the Moose Dropping festival. She told me there were 4000 tourists...NOT COUNTING cruise line and town on Saturday AND she had heard between 6000-8000 from cruise line buses and RR on a regular basis every day! I’m not sure just where the little shops and stores have their inventory, but they’d have to have items trucked in every day it seems. I could sit downtown Talkeetna and people watch all day!
MTA (telephone company) has equipment...for the cost of a land-line... that people can have on their property for phone and internet access, signals coming off the two cell towers within range. An idea for the future possibly...
Jack called David and we will be going to Hick’s Creek Tuesday thru Thursday next week to pick up a used culvert for our outhouse...and to watch Lindsay and Tera compete in the high school finals rodeo in Illinois being televised on RFD-TV.

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