Saturday, July 14, 2007


July 12 ~ Thursday ~ sunny to cloudy.
OK...I DID NOT sleep in this morning...cuz...a person misses the best part of the day if they do! Radio was still on, but with coffee in hand I went out to start the fire...then became a branch collector again...and a slash burner...still a big amount to go, but little by little it’ll get done.
Jack’s leg/knee/back still are no better~ so he’s on fire/K P duty. He seasoned the Dutch oven (think squirrel) , then put a BEEF roast in with potatoes and onion, to cook for dinner...and it was soooo yummy! Very tender...very good...AND...he even cleaned the Dutch oven afterwards...ready for next time (those pesky squirrels!). He has also whittled a spatula/stirrer to use in the Dutch oven...and did a mighty fine job of it, too!
I am really tired tonight...all the hard work gathering those branches! No more shooting for $22 for 50 rounds I’m thinking conservative is best...but bullets might just be on the shopping list. As Jack was reading I went to sleep with the music of Michael Card in my ears.

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tasha said... is such a little homemaker!