Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 15 ~ Sunday ~ partly cloudy to sunny.
This morning we park on the road closest to the beach in Talkeetna, then walk to the VFW for their bisquit & gravy/pancake & sausage breakfast with homemade blueberry/raspberry/mixed berry sauce or applesauce for the toppings...soooo yummy!
Walked to Tanners for internet access to blog and e-mail. Jack walked to the park to listen to music and met Leo Schultz form New York via Florida*** WHO BOUGHT 40 ACRES 16 MILES FROM TALKEETNA ON E-BAY, SIGHT UNSEEN***so~ it appears we are not the only 'odd' people around! Another guy happened to be sitting between them when they were conserving and couldn't believe his ears. Leo has flown over his property ~ cabin, out- buildings, 4 wheeler trail in (yup~all 16 miles!) or by rafting. He'll go in this week when his son arrives.
Also, met Nancy and George from NY via NM who are full time RVers for 2 years running. Had seen them at the Ninilchik rodeo ~ might see them again at the Anderson Bluegrass Festival in a couple weeks if we go up that way.
The music today had a couple groups who were awesome! Mountain Waxwing was Suzy Crosby and two others who sang traditional style festival folk music~harmonizing was wonderful~soprano so clear...truely a God-given talent. The other group was, The Simpletones, an old time string band originating in Talkeetna who hang out in the park every once in a while ~ banjo, guitar, base guitar, fiddle...6-7 people in all, with the fiddle player just joining Saturday night, so had not ever played any of the music with them before. How I wish I could play like that!
Also ate ~ gyros...kettle korn...and bought a few more things.
Got back to camp about 7:30pm...built a fire and enjoyed the blue-skied evening.

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