Saturday, July 14, 2007

Palmer to Our Land

July 7 ~ Saturday ~ cloudy/rainy.
Adams and Jensons are headed to Anchorage and Girdwood for the day...was really good to meet Chuck, Jodie and teens. They will be leaving next weekend so will not see them again this trip. We are on our way to Talkeetna via shopping and visiting in Wasilla...Freddies (for picture printing and groceries~still no Marv and Wilma) and to Jim/Kay’s for visiting, washing clothes and spaghetti. It was so good of them to invite us long-lost friends...since we had just met her last year and only for a brief time. Met their two dogs and two cats, which I DID NOT PET AT ALL. After leaving town for the second time (forgot the pictures...duh!) we arrive at our land about 8:30pm...and all is well. We do hear a generator so think our neighbors right to the south are here. Will be interesting meeting them...maybe tomorrow.

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