Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 20 ~ Friday ~ LOTS OF SUN! Happy Birthday, Lyndy Mae!!!
Just as the no-see-um bite on my neck is getting better, I see I have acquired one on my eyebrow ~ that’ll look good for the next several days! No-see-ums are very little fly creatures that you can hardly see...with huge jaws and teeth that don’t hurt when they bite, but leave a small raw patch that starts to ITCH and swell to about nickel size a day or so later, turning red and ugly...
Today Jack has broken a short trail~over logs, thru brush, stomping ferns and other foliage, going down a fairly steep embankment...with the 4 wheeler... and using the chain saw for fallen logs. Things are looking up! Even the entrance ½ way in looks better since the chain saw was there yesterday.
We took another ride to the beaver dam...was hoping the German couple were still there, but we missed them...and the beavers (yes, two) kept hiding, swimming AWAY from us, doing their repair work.
A beautiful day and evening! Kinda gathering things together since we will be gone this weekend, but coming back as soon as possible on Sunday!

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