Thursday, July 5, 2007


July 3 ~ Tuesday ~ cloudy...a-n-d...windy.
Didn't do much today...just lounged, cleaned the camper and p/u cab a bit, trying to find the little bag with the laundry quarters, but to no avail...probably in the garbage and already tossed just like the cantalope earlier this year and the schnapps last year. Will have to start going thru the that's an appetizing thought!
Remember the moose that are suppose to reside at certain residences? FINALLY, saw one of them here...a young cow, no little one, munching on succulent twigs 20 feet from the camper. Pictures will follow this weekend ~after I finish hunting for a router.
Jack washed the camper/pick-up/trailer, getting all those ugly bugs off...just in time for new ones to take their place. Jim and crew went to Homer today...Cindy and I bought coffee shop supplies in Soldotna. Inquired at Kaladi Coffee as to how much milk they use a day...12 gals. each whole and skim. Lindsay's Latte used 20 gals. total in a little over three days...really not bad for a small town with two coffee shops. Lindsay's puppy, Boots~the Coffee Dog, goes everyday with whomEVer is the latte~smoothie~breve~whatEVer~maker, guarding the door by sleeping behind it so it can't be opened. It's his job~it wears him out~he can only go so fast with his short legs when it's required (reminds me of a toddler with little chubby legs learning to walk)...shoulda named him Expresso!

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