Saturday, July 14, 2007


July 13 ~ Friday ~ and started to RAIN AFTER I built a fire, so...
back into the camper...had even gotten outside by 8:30, but did sudoku for a while until the generator was turned on and I could charge the MP3 and type. Jack left to see Chris and then, after telling me Mark spotted about an 800 pound grizzly a couple miles from here, headed down to the storage place ( 10 miles down to the Talkeetna Spur) on the 4 wheeler to retrieve our gazebo and tarps. I am loaded and ready for bear if that grizzly puts up a fight...kinda...not really...BUT the loaded gun is here...
The fireweed is now in bloom...beautiful vivid pink/fuchsia...a brighter spot in the different shades of bright green...or, sometimes it could be surveyor’s tape we’ve used...
Finally, I’m done typing/writing and head outside to cut more branches to burn. Jack has met some more of our neighbors who are making a trail thru the meadow from one cabin-site to another. They asked Jack if we’ve seen any bear sign...and tell him, YES, there are bear here.
In the late afternoon the 4 wheeler goes with me to do pocketmail and call Tasha, but have to wait for a big and portly porcupine to amble down the road...until a truck goes by and he heads for the brush.
Sitting by the fire, hoping the sun will come out just a little bit, but finally the tiny flies get to me and I head inside, joining Jack in the comfort of our home in God’s ‘wilderness’. No mosquitoes to speak of, just a few now and then...some black flies and moose flies, but haven’t been bothered much at all~and haven’t used any spray~YET. We did pull some more trees down to cut them up, but are now done for a couple days...going into Talkeetna tomorrow for: water, internet, phone calls, laundry and the moose festival.
And ...the sun comes out at 9pm, when we are winding down, clean and getting ready for sleep...making everything even more vivid and beautiful!

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