Saturday, July 7, 2007


July 6 ~ Friday ~ cloudy to sunny...too warm for a sweatshirt!!!
We are on our way back to Palmer today, then on to Talkeetna tomorrow, so blogs will be every three days or so, depending on when we find access to internet. Before I forget, if anyone would like to watch Tera and Lindsay compete at the high school rodeo finals go to They are busy raising money for the events, but Cindy's cinnamon rolls did not materialize this morning due to a glitch in the aluminum pan sad!
We returned the Lodge Dutch oven bought in Kenai because we found the same thing at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Anchorage for $28 less...AND...they also had the kind of lid lifter we wanted...AND...a shoulder holster for the 24 pound pistol. It's probably one of our favorite stores...and we're probably one of their favorite customers.
Talked to Stan and Blooie today***the ALMOST fugitives from the law, not only at the border, but something or other having to do with gas***and asked about the Dutch oven since it's frequently used while guiding and camping...will be anxious to try it out after we get it seasoned.
Met friends of Jeff/Janell's from Emigrant, MT who are visiting for two weeks...had a very good BBQ and visit...watched their video of the fly-in salmon fishing trip this last king, about 20 pounds caught.
FIRE DANGER...not so much here, but in MT. Misty sent pictures of a fire behind their house...about 50 yards away...very dry and hot and needing rain. God protected them as the wind was blowing away from their property.

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The Parson's Wife said...

I just love reading your always you just bring me right to your day...thanks for sharing, and making me want to take a trip to AK!!! You two are such an inspiration. LOVE, love the pics...and hmmm, who is that thin-short-haired gal? could it be? You know it has been YEARS since we have been face to look awesome! God's richest blessings to you in AK! Shawn <>< (thinking of you in the night skies that are sprinkled with the most incredible stars!)