Thursday, July 26, 2007


July 24 ~ Tuesday ~ rainy to cloudy. Carolyn and Jackson's b-days!
Happy Birthday to you!

Kim, and then, Mark come to have coffee/visit before we leave for Wasilla and Hick’s Creek. Kim needs Jack to take him to his excavator on the 4 wheeler...and we leave the 4 wheeler with Mark while gone. Went to Talkeetna first, to dump and get water, then to the mail for the package of meds and first class mail Kelly has sent, also, sending a wedding gift down to MT...and taking a new phone book and booklets/brochures for friends who may venture this way next year. Filled with propane at Talkeetna Mechanical which is oodles less expensive than at the Jct. and also discover diesel has gone DOWN!!! to $2.79/gal.
Another neat thing~laundry doesn’t take nearly as long when using a pre-dryer...maybe an hour and a half...kinda like the water extractor at The Wave. After grocery shopping at Carr’s (Safeway), Three Bears (like a little Costco...VERY GOOD WHOLE PRIME RIB STEAK SECTIONS FOR ONLY $3.99/lb. with free cutting!) and Freddie’s, we stop at Adam’s to use the net, getting to David’s cabin about 7:30pm, just in time to feed him “REAL FOOD”. He’s been working without a day off since July 5th so has not made it to get groceries or to the laundromat.
The fireweed with Jacob’s ladder is blooming all over this pretty together with the deep pink and blue...and...the white flowered cow parsnip (pushki), not a fun plant due to sever skin irritation and blistering if touched, but neat with the other flowers, nonetheless. And there is also a deep red berry starting to come alive, but have to do a bit of research yet to find out the plant.

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