Thursday, July 26, 2007


July 25 ~ Wednesday ~ HEY! SUN with high clouds.
Lazy, lazy, lazy...sleeping in until 7:30am. Decide to look at the first class mail while having coffee with my creamer and discover that our house ins. payment WAS due LAST WEEK, so after cooking breakfast Jack and I go down to the Glenn Highway where there is a pay phone and wi-fi. Received a lot of e-mail, but most were forwards/pictures that cannot be received by pocket-mail. All forwards and pictures need to be sent to the bresnan address since it bogs down pocket-mail transmissions.
Just hanging out at David’s in the afternoon...reading, spiffying up the place, etc....relaxing, waiting for him to get off work when we will probably load a culvert or two into our trailer.
Update on the high school rodeo finals...Tera was disqualified during the first barrels due to her horse balking and going the wrong way around the #1 barrel...and Lindsay came in 18th and rides again tonight. They also competed in a rodeo on Sunday and blew everyone away...with the same rented horses (hundreds per ride!), so the disqualification was an unfortunate turn of events. Their score is a combination of the two trials. They are also competing in a rodeo this afternoon.
Have learned our friends from WF are not coming up this weekend to fish on the Kenai P., but will be here the middle of August...just when we will be in Ninilchik again***GOOD TIMING! So...we will head back to Talkeetna either tomorrow or Friday and hope we have company there this weekend...could be Morgans...or Adams...or just never knows. A given tho is Kim and Mark...maybe Chris...or HB and Erin...

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