Tuesday, July 24, 2007


July 22 ~ Sunday ~ R-R-RAIN!!!!
Was really really hoping it would be sunny for Morgan’s first day in Alaska, but... Diane said it doesn’t matter...”we’ll just have a good time anyway”! Thought they might sleep in a bit since they arrived just before midnight, but either are excited to start seeing things or are still on NE time. We met them at the 3rd St. parking lot about 9:30am, walked to a few shops and the visitor center, then ate breakfast at Sacks Café on G St....VERY good food although a bit pricey (reindeer sausage omelet with potatoes $10.50). Next we went to the Sat./Sun. Market, downtown Anchorage...2 blocks from Sacks...numerous booths with crafts, food, leather goods, clothes, hats, jewelry, antique pocket watches (the guy remembered Jack from last year!)...bought a few things, then parted ways. Gave Diane the 2fer coupon book in hope it would be of use to them...and also, a ‘scope’ patch for their Prince William Sound cruise on Tuesday.
Heading back to Talkeetna, IN THE RAIN, about 12:30pm, stopping at Wal-Mart in Wasilla for needed chemical for the camper toilet to keep things pleasant. Amazing what a little formaldehyde can do...but find they are now making it without so will try that. One is even made by Oxy...we will see OR SMELL as the case may be... Just what you wanted to know!
Since it’s raining we stay inside the camper...reading, playing suDoku, whatEVer, listening to the plink...plink on the roof.
Needless to say, we are missing family and friends and are very glad when we hear via phone or pocketmail...and, on Sunday, esp. I miss my Christian family...and pray all is well.

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