Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 18 ~ Wednesday ~ partly sunny.
Wow! If I don’t write in here every day, I forget...altho mostly the days are all the same ~ listen to the radio, make coffee, start a fire, pocketmail, read, soduko, visit, saw trees, clear and burn brush (not so much in that order)~ but am not bored at all.
This evening Jack and I took the 4 wheeler for a ride ~ down past Chris’, thru the meadow on a just-made-by-hand trail (big enough for a big 4 wheeler) to another road that comes in from the Parks highway. If we HAD to I think we could get to our land this way, but it does cross a huge beaver dam so don’t know how heavy a load would be feasible. Stopped at the dam ~ saw the beaver swimming, repairing ~ then on up the road back to our land. Just past the dam was a German-made vehicle parked along the road. Looked almost like an armored vehicle - big tires - mostly enclosed. Am wondering if it’s the same type the radio show hosts were describing that had pulled into the “beautiful Diamond Center Wal Mart parking lot in downtown Anchorage”...13 feet high, 8 feet wide, looked home-made. They interviewed the older Swiss couple driving and said it was made for the Paris to Dakar, North Africa race to carry extra parts, bullet proof, cost $750,000! We had seen one like it in Soldotna...of course, I didn’t take a picture...either time...

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